Church Secretary

Ruth Bemrose looks after the secretary role for the Church Council.

Property Stewards

This a busy role for the following people within the church Colin Bemrose, Robert Wilson, and David Gamble

Junior Church

We have a thriving Junior church split into two age groups run by Jean (picture) and Jane Richard.  The children get involved with the service on occasions and it makes for a great service.



Tiny Tots Club

Tiny Tots Club is our Baby & Toddler group run by  Ruth Bemrose & Dorn Margetts,. 

See Regular Activities  3


E-mail: - updated link !



Sue Heinink is now  responsible for our external posters which have often been talked about and recently won an award..

Church Treasurer


This post is held by Jeff Stafford, Jeff also produces the church notes/leaflet which is given out every Sunday.


Transport Officer

Pam Southern looks after the transport ensuring our more senior church member can get to the church with ease.


The Newsletter is now produced by .Sarah Hemmings, Eleanor Sirman & Laura Low  The Newsletter is produced 10 times a year and is enjoyed by all who read it.


Crèche Organiser

. Every Sunday we ensure our little ones have a place to play.  The Crèche is run by a small band of volunteers organised by Sarah Stanley.  .
E-mail: crè





Rendezvous is our own coffee shop open on a Friday morning, giving people a chance to have a warm drink and time to chat 

Pam Southern is the contact for this  activity.


Sunday Morning Coffee


Tea, Coffee and soft drinks - and often biscuits and cake! -  are also served after Sunday morning  service giving people a chance to continue fellowship, chat and reflect.


Without the following people we couldn’t run all the worthwhile groups, events & services within the Rugby Methodist Church Centre:


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