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Rugby Peace Walk

In most years since 2001, members of Rugby’s Faith Communities have gathered at the Peace Tree beside the library to renew the Millennium Resolution which contains a commitment to forgive past wrongs and to live in peace. Then, led by our Mayor and MP, up to a hundred people have taken part in a pilgrimage to a number of faith centres in the town.

After recent attacks in London and Manchester, it is important to renew Rugby’s tradition of good relations between our communities. Rugby Inter Faith Network, which has met most months since that first Peace Walk in 2001, invites members of Rugby’s faith communities to renew the experience and celebrate our respect for one another, living together as we do in one world.

On Sunday 17th September the Peace Walk will start at 2.30pm from the Peace Tree beside the library. We shall be joined by the Rugby Mayor, Councillor Mrs Belinda Garcia, and by our MP, Mr Mark Pawsey, and together we shall visit some of our faith centres. This should enable closer contact between our faith communities. This year, the theme of the Walk and subsequent visits is “Reconciliation, Peace and Unity”. The overall timetable will be roughly as overleaf:

Rugby Interfaith Forum

2.30 Introduction to Peace Walk (Millennium Tree, Rugby Library) Reading from Baha’I Scriptures

Renewal of Millennium Resolution

2.50 Set out for The Orthodox Church

3.10 Visit to Orthodox Church of the Ascension (Clifton Road Cemetery)

3.40 Set out for The Mosque

4.00 Visit to Muslim Masjid (88, Grosvenor Road)

4.30 Set out for Hindu Temple 4.40 Visit to Shree Kalyan Mandal (4, Kimberley Road)

5.10 Set out for Sikh Gurdwara

5.20 Visit to Guru Nanak Gurdwara (4, Craven Road) Refreshments will be provided

6.00 End of Peace Walk

At each faith centre, there will be a welcome and a few words about the religious place we are visiting followed by a reading on ‘Reconciliation, Peace and Unity’ from their sacred scriptures. There will then be an opportunity to talk with members of the host community as we set out for our next visit.

Everyone is welcome. As we walk together through the town we will show unity in our diversity.

Philip Economou, Chairman On behalf of Rugby Inter Faith