Worshipping God is central to all we do at RMCC and we offer a range of styles to help us engage with God. We aim to make RMCC a place where you can come to be fed, equipped for your daily lives and celebrate all that God is doing.

Morning Services - every Sunday - 10:30am

At these we offer children’s group (4 – 10 years),  young people’s group (11+) and provide a crèche for babies and toddlers. 

Winter Themes

2 December: Advent 1

Theme: Important Births - Moses

Readings: Exodus 1:8-14,22; 2:1-10 Acts 7:17-22


9 December: Advent 2

Theme: Important Births - Samson

Readings: Judges 13:2-14,24, Numbers 6:2-5


16 December: Advent 3

Theme: Important Births – John the Baptist (echo of Elijah)

Readings: Luke 1:5-7,11-25,57-66, Malachi 4:5-6


23 December: Advent 4

Theme: Important Births – Mary and Joseph, two perspectives

Readings: Luke 1:26-42, Matthew 1:18-23


25 December: Christmas Day

Theme: The Nativity and Visitors

Readings: Luke 2:1-20, Isaiah 40:9-11 Tuesday


30 December: Christmas 1

Theme: Political Repercussions

Readings: Matthew 2:1-23, Micah 5:2-5a


6 January: Epiphany

Theme: Light Comes

Readings: John 8:12-20, John 1:1-9


13 January: Baptism of Lord

Theme: John’s Testimony

Readings: John 3:22-36, Hebrews 1:1-4


20 January: Epiphany 2

Theme: Parables – the Wicked Tenants

Readings: Matthew 21:33-46, Psalm 118:15-29


27 January: Epiphany 3

Theme: Parables – Building House on Rock/Sand

Readings: Luke 6:46-49, Psalm 18:1-5,16-19,30-32 

Evening services - monthly on the 1st and 2nd Sundays

Praise service on the first Sunday of the month at 7pm, Oasis on the second Sunday of the month at 6.30pm is a time of reflective worship.

Praise & Bake - third Sunday of the month - 4.00pm

Offers alternative worship for the whole family in a relaxed and fun environment.

Tuesday Prayers - 9am

A short service following the Northumbria Community's daily prayer book.

Lunchtime Communion - 1st Wednesday -11.30am 

Followed by a simple lunch.

Wednesday Evening Prayers, 7pm

Wednesday evening prayers will be exploring praying in lots of different ways. All prayers will start at 7pm and last about an hour. There will be Taize services, soaking prayer, prayer walks and healing prayer.

Saturday Morning Prayers, 9.30am

Monthly, on the first Saturday in the prayer corner of church.

Other Worship Opportunities

We are also delighted that the Ghanaian Pentecostal Church use our premises for their own service on Sunday afternoons from 1.00pm.



We believe prayer is important. We have a monthly prayer meeting on the first Saturday of each month at 9:30 am in the church, all are welcome. We also have Prayer Time, at 9am every Tuesday morning, and at 7pm every Wednesday evening. 

Prayer cards are regularly distributed round the local area inviting people to send in any requests for prayer.

If there is anything you wish to be prayed for then you can submit a prayer request here....

In the chapel there is a designated area for personal prayer and a prayer room is also available.