Minister's View  

Finding our Voice

“Oh, we don’t do acceptance here!” was the comment I had in a discussion. No, it wasn’t in Church, thankfully, it was at the hairdressers, and of course she was right.

It made me reflect how much of life revolves around non-acceptance of the reality of life, be it age defying treatments, using photoshop to change your  media image (who says the camera never lies!), the use of loans to have what the advertisers say you need to have a happy life, or resorting to the use of drugs and drink to drown out the reality of life.

Jesus accepted people just as they were, He accepted those whom others didn’t, He loved those others didn’t and as He did so, many found their lives were changed. It’s an essential message of the Church. Everyone has value.

But where should the Church do non-acceptance? Where should we be saying, “Oh, we don’t do acceptance here?”. Part of our calling as Methodists is to challenge injustice where we see it, so although for example we offer a Foodbank here on a Wednesday, what we are called to do is to challenge the fact that it needs to be used at all. At Conference we were encouraged to meet with our MP and engage with issues that matter, to write about issues that are close to our heart and to practise non-acceptance of injustice. Where are the injustices in your neighbourhood? How should we as individuals and as a community be responding? How can we be the voice for those whose voice has been silenced?

Every Blessing

Rev Jane