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Plastic Free Living

Climate change and caring for our environment are understood to be some of the biggest concerns of people this year, after their own personal circumstances. The Methodist Church nationally has responded to this concern by partnering with Eco Church:

Having spent the last year becoming increasingly upset by the pictures of plastic washing up on shores, being inside fish etc, I have decided that this year I am going to try to become plastic free. I love this world that is our home; it’s so beautiful, and whether you believe that God gave us the responsibility of looking after creation or not, I would like to think that the world is not damaged by my being in it, that somehow my time on earth does not leave a dirty mark. (Plastic takes over 500 years to decompose but it never actually disappears, and each year in the UK we generate over 5 million tonnes).

I have not been acting in a responsible way. I have so often made decisions which are convenient for me, rather than for the good of others and our planet. I have been challenged to change my way of life. I am still buying things with plastic (at the moment), single use plastic is a huge issue, but I am looking for alternatives.

Simply making that decision has woken me up to plastic everywhere, even where I didn’t think something had plastic in it or on it! I almost feel overwhelmed, but I am committed to go on a journey of discovery of how to eliminate plastic from my life.

In sharing this with a few people I have already been encouraged by the number of helpful suggestions I have received, and I hope that over the coming months I will be able share what I am learning, where I have found it difficult, and where I have been successful.

If you are already on this journey of eliminating plastic, them please let me know how you are doing it.

I need help….do any of you have milk delivered in bottles, if so, can you tell me who does it?

Do you know butchers and grocers who allow you to bring in your own containers?

If you can help me reduce my plastic footprint, I will be grateful.

Every Blessing Rev Jane