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RMCC Closure

The leadership group met on Monday 16 March after the statement from Boris Johnson and also a conversation I had with a Methodist Minister in Washington DC who are a couple of weeks ahead of us in the spread of the virus, and with Rev Andy Hardwick.

This has lead us to make a decision to close the Church completely from 17 March until further notice. It is important that as a Church we are seen to model “Love thy neighbour”, which in this case includes minimising the risk to everyone. The Church will be open for Foodbank tomorrow and then it moves to the new warehouse, (The Lawn and
retreat at the top of Newbold Road, Donations there Wednesdays and Fridays) and for the night shelter on a limited basis for the next 2 weeks until the end of March, as these are seen as essential services.  
All user groups have been informed.

This will obviously deeply impact many people, and we need to find new ways of being Church, loving and supporting each other, and praying for each other. We will be setting up different ways to be in touch, offering devotional material, links to services, along with the offer of practical help. As people are laid off from work, the need will increase.  If you are able, see how your neighbours are, and if there is need let us together see how we can respond.

For the elderly or those who have underlying health conditions, or have had to self isolate please do let me know if you need help, or simply would like someone to talk to, and I am delighted that I am receiving offers from people to help where they can, so please do ask, it can be in part of your asking that  you are giving another an opportunity to serve.

We may be being separated by the virus, but together we are Christ's body here in the Rugby area and together we can be Church and we can make a difference. Many Churches around the world do not have buildings to meet and worship
in, and the Christian community flourishes.  We are in this together. Let's look after ourselves and our communities, gain courage from each other and walk together in hope and faith, and as I said in Church on Sunday, work on building your immunity, have some fun, put on your favourite comedies, and delight in the beauty around you.

Every blessing