Rugby Methodist Church Centre

Experience, enjoy, share and proclaim the transforming love of God

I'm New

We at Rugby Methodist are very welcoming towards everyone and are pleased to have a diverse and growing church family. If you are thinking of coming to your first service at our church then hopefully the information on this page should answer any questions or concerns you may have, but  if you have any other questions please complete the contact form and one of the team will get back to you.

RMCC is part of the nationwide Methodist Church and as such is a Christian place of worship. To find out more about the Methodist Church and their views then you can visit their main website here.

We would love to greet you at one of our  services, and you can find more detail of these here.

If for whatever reason you can't make it to our church centre, then please get in touch, you can find our contact details here

What we believe

We believe that  God’s love is for all. As a church we try and work out what that means in our daily lives by reaching out into the community  and offering a welcome to all.

We aim to be inclusive, taking Equality, Diversity and Inclusion seriously, whether that is with age, disability, race, gender, or sexual orientation, offering the opportunity for all being involved in any aspect of our Church life. Our premises are all on one level giving easy access to all.

Reflecting our desire to be good stewards of this beautiful world we live in, we are also working towards being an ECO Church.

We believe that through Jesus’ life, death on the cross and resurrection there is a different way which offers love,  acceptance, and the chance of a new start and everlasting life. Jesus said that he had come to bring life in abundance and we believe that through the working of the Holy Spirit we can experience that in our daily lives.

Your first visit

Getting to RMCC

As you come around the gyratory in the centre of Rugby you should pass the church on your left, keep going and take the first left after the pedestrian crossing onto Firs Drive, then take the immediate left onto John Thwaites Close. The church car park is at the end of that road.

There is a medium sized car park by the side of our church. On some Sunday Mornings it can get quite full, there will be car parking stewards on hand to help. Entrance to the building is fully accessible to those with disabilities, as are facilities inside. On Sunday morning there are 3 designated parking spaces for those with disabilities.

When arriving at RMCC make your way to the main entrance at the front of the church, where there will be someone to greet you, answer any questions or point you in the right direction. Our services start at 10:30 on a Sunday Morning but it’s advised you arrive at least 10 minutes before so that you can get settled, have time to ask any questions and hopefully make some friends as well.

Bus Routes

As most bus routes come into the centre of Rugby, you will get quite close, although our position on the giratory means that no buses stop outside our door. There are pedestrian crossings on Russelsheim Way and Dunchurch Road and a well-lit underpass to town, meaning that we are only a few minutes' walk from the town's bus stops.

Map of Rugby bus routes here.

Railway Station

Rugby station is a half hour walk from RMCC. Directions here

During the Service:

RMCC is an informal church so feel free to come as you are.
On most Sundays the children come in for the first part of the service and then leave for their own activities. However you’re more than welcome to keep your children with you.

For more information about the work we do with young people within our church click here.

After the Service:

We offer refreshments after the service and this is a great time to have a chat and get to know our church family, who you will find very welcoming and friendly.

What next?:

We hope that you enjoy being part of our church family and would be delighted if you would like to become more involved. We have a number of different fellowship groups which will help you explore what being a disciple of Jesus will mean for your life and there are many ways you can join in and share the activities and mission of the church. Whether helping the young people, working with food bank, helping the homeless or with worship. Our Minister Rev Nathan Falla  would be happy to talk this through with you. To get in touch please use the contact form.