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breakthroughSharing Christian love with the local community, by reaching out into our town, sharing our resources and helping to build community. 

The church developed the idea of Breakthrough as it sought to work out what God was calling the people here at Rugby Methodist Church Centre to do. This project started in May 2012.

The initial focus has been with young people and supporting local primary schools.

This has included assemblies, lunch clubs, running prayer spaces in Rokeby and Oakfield Primary Schools and inviting schools to the church so that the children can explore the Nativity  and Easter Stories in an engaging and interactive way.

Also at the church there have been Family Fun Mornings during school holidays and a weekly Youth Club (Yrs. 10 upward) and Kids Club (Years 1-9) and Praise and Bake, a worship event, to appeal to families.


Follow the Star 2015We welcomed many local primary school children and invited them to Follow the Star, by journeying through the Christmas story to Bethlehem. As usual, this was as wonderful for us as it was for them.


During Lent, local schools visited our Easter Story Workshop. The children were led through the narrative of the first Easter by taking part in dramatising Palm Sunday, meeting the lady who poured perfume over Jesus’ feet, sharing in the Last Supper, listening to the account of the crucifixion and taking part in a drama about the resurrection.


Prayer spaces are multi-sensory areas set up in schools which enable children to pray or reflect. The areas are usually linked to a theme e.g. thankfulness, forgiveness, hopes etc. Prayer spaces in schools enable children and young people to explore faith and spirituality from a broadly Christian perspective in a safe, creative and interactive way. They bring an experiential dimension to RE, Citizenship, PSHE, SEAL, SMSC and to pastoral aspects of school life. RMCC have presented Prayer Spaces at Rokeby , St Oswalds and Oakfield Primary Schools.

Here are just a few of the children's prayers:

"I'm sorry I hit my sister."

"I'm sorry for being rude."

"Please help my Grandpa."

"Sorry for being so greedy!!!"

"Please let me little brother live with me."

"I like my family but not when they are poorly."

"My hamster and Pappy Ed died but I am thankful that they were in my life."

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