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Ruth and her work

Our Youth Pastor, RuthHello everyone, my name is Ruth and I am the new Youth Pastor for RMCC. I am absolutely thrilled to be in post as Youth Pastor here, and since joining the team at the beginning of January, my time has been incredibly full and exciting. My daughter and I have been welcomed so warmly, and I thank you for that. 

In my role I will be working with young people from 10/11 years of age, through to 18years+. The focus of my work is the mental health and well being of young people, working with those who are already engaged with the life of RMCC and The Chapel, Newbold, as well as opening up avenues for those on the fringes of church, to feel welcome and accepted, and to learn more about God's grace and love over time. 

My regular week as Youth Pastor will be fairly varied, but each week I will be working as a mentor within The Avon Valley School and Performing Arts College, Volunteering at a council run youth group at The Chapel, offering a Year 6 lunchtime club at Oakfield Primary Academy, working with Miriam at Kids Club, and running the weekly Youth Group that meets at RMCC on a Friday evening. I will also be helping to lead our monthly Saturday morning Dance and Drama Group. 

Your ongoing prayers for all the young people I will encounter and have conversations with, is greatly appreciated and my prayer is that in all these different settings, I will speak words that they need to hear, know when not to talk and to listen when they need the space, and that the young people will know that they are loved and supported by so many more than just me.
If you have any questions about the work I do, and what youth work happens at RMCC, please feel free to email me here.